We may as well be twins. We both hail from Mosgiel, just south of Dunedin.
We both received the same final bursary mark at high school. 
We both left at the same time in the same rusty Honda hatchback for Wellington to study the same thing at university.

Growing up Jason always wanted to make films, so much so that one summer day, when his parents were out of town, he managed to convince his grandmother into co-signing on a loan so he could buy his first camera and shoot his first movies. 
Today his cameras are a lot nicer but his mischievous spirit and passion for filmmaking are still the same.

After earning his Bachelors Degree from Victoria University, and later working as in-house communications, Jason re-discovered his passion for Filmmaking and started Neon Mammals with Chris.  
Jason has worked on a huge range of projects, from shooting and editing a television renovation show, to commercials for some of New Zealand’s biggest brands, from creating music videos, all the the way through to crafting documentaries touching on a range of topics.
Over 20 years creating video and 12+ years of working in the industry, Jason has honed his craft for visual storytelling through every aspect of film and video production.


Chris has always been coming up with visual story telling ideas. He has bookcases of sketchbooks full of drawings, doodles, characters and custom typography. 
Chris has worked on a massive variety of projects for a large range of clients, developing ideas and helping them communicate with their clients and fans. 
Chris enjoys a nice piccolo (the coffee not the wind instrument); is constantly doodling on any surface that ink will adhere to; owns a Nintendo 64; still buys CD’s; still buys magazines and books printed with inks on paper; has fallen in love with lomography; is presently trying to grow a beard although genetically impossible (much like dancing).
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