We can handle everything from first concept to final delivery and everything in between in the video production process, We've got you sorted. With over 20 years experience in film and video production, we have helped deliver a range outstanding content – from promotional videos, television commercials, case studies, testimonials, documentaries, music videos, to shooting and editing a 12 episode renovation show broadcast around New Zealand and on-demand. We are always keen to meet with people to discuss how we can help, so get in touch so we talk one-on-one, with no obligation, about how we can take your video presence to the next level. GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

Briefing / Concept / Scripting

The first part of the video production process, and the most important for having a smooth experience for everyone involved, is nailing down what is needed and how it needs to happen. We will meet with you to discuss your needs, and get to know you and your business as best we can. With this understanding as we move through the steps of production, we can view every aspect of what we are creating through your eyes, and even more importantly, your customers eyes.
We love to ask a lot of questions to get as much insight into what you may need. We have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy learning about what makes your industry tick so we can make leading edge content that nails what is needed. Once we have a solid idea of what is needed we move to the next step...

Planning / Pre-Production

Time to form a plan—arrange shoot dates, locations, and any other elements needed to bring your content to life. 
But while we are always as prepared as possible, we are more than ready to roll with the punches. Impromptu opportunities that arise during filming, unforeseen complications, or last minute changes because the weather isn’t playing ball or a client isn’t available—to get the best result. 

Shooting / Filming / Recording

Time for the business end of the video production process! Never been in front of a camera before? That’s no problem. We pride ourselves on making the on-camera talent feel as comfortable as possible. Whether it is a busy CEO for a brand video or a nervous client for a testimonial video— we do everything we can to put them at ease, allowing us to get the best content from them, naturally. 90% of people that are terrified of being on camera say to us afterwards “that wasn't so bad after all”, and the other 10% were just as great but just being too hard on themselves. 
We have a range of equipment at our disposal to get everything we need "in the can". We are well versed in a variety of shooting styles and will use all our knowledge, experience and equipment to make this happen. 
Whether it's on location in the mud, or a little more controlled back at your offices, we are comfortable working in a range of shooting conditions to get everything shoot and looking its absolute best in the right environment. 

Editing / Cutting / Review

Once we have all the elements we need, we get started cutting out the best bits and arranging them to form a story that effectively communicates what is needed. We get to the heart of the message and removing anything that doesn't serve that purpose. 
We aim to make the feedback process run as smoothly and effectively as possible, regardless of whether we are dealing with one person or a team.

Post-Production / Final Touches

Once the edit, elements and story are all signed off we start the finishing touches. Colour correcting and grading the footage to make every shot look its best, finalising any and all graphics needed, and mixing the audio so it is dynamic and clear. 
We then deliver the finished videos to you in formats that best suit your needs, whether that's online for Facebook or Youtube or for Broadcast TV.  If you don't already have a plan to get it out into the world, we can advise you on getting it seen.
They gained a huge understanding of our product and how diverse our delivery needed to be
Rowan Ellis Headshot
Rowan Ellis
Founder & Clinician - Mr EMG
The understanding Neon Mammals has formed of our business has really made doing more work that much easier... just going an extra mile that I'm not sure everybody really does... he really steps in and feels like part of the team in his approach
Greg Fahey Headshot
Greg Fahey
CEO - Bison Group