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We pride ourselves on developing a deep understanding of our clients business, their products and the hurdles they need to overcome to communicate with the customers and the world. But don't take our word for it, Below is what some of our clients have to say about working with Neon Mammals.

container weighing and lifting equipment


Bison Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of container lifting and weighing equipment, with a unique and more cost effective method of handling containers, with customers in over 60 countries. Bison Group has been partnered with Neon Mammals for over 5 years and in that time we have worked together creating everything from promotional videos for new products through to a massive series of training resource videos for their entire product line-up to be used by their international clients

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The understanding Neon Mammals has formed of our business has really made doing more work that much easier... just going an extra mile that I'm not sure everybody really does... he really steps in and feels like part of the team in his approach
Greg Fahey Headshot
Greg Fahey
CEO - Bison Group
SURFACE electromyography - BIo-feedback sensors


Electromyography has been a tool that, until now, has been very expensive and cumbersome. Rowan Ellis and Michael Macknight used their vast expertise to create Mr EMG, an easy to use, cost effective way of measuring muscle output and getting important biofeedback. We created a series of videos for Mr EMG as part of their product launch, including a Promo video, an Introduction video, a series of Testimonials and a series of Instructional videos to provide all the information a prospective customer may need to overcome having have bad experiences with archaic EMG systems in the past.

They gained a huge understanding of our product and how diverse our delivery needed to be
Rowan Ellis Headshot
Rowan Ellis
Founder & Clinician - Mr EMG
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