With Bison producing large industrial equipment at basically the bottom of the world, it is very important that they are still able to effectively communicate with their customers on the other side of the planet so video became a vital tool in their marketing, as a way to quickly and effectively not only communicate how the C-Lifts operates but also build trust in a product that is unique and, to a new customer, unproven.

We created a short introductory video for Bisons New X-Series Container Lifting system to demonstrate how effective the C-Lift is and handling shipping containers quickly and safely.

The understanding Neon Mammalshas formed of our business has really made doing more work that much easier... just going an extra mile that I'm not sure everybody really does... he really steps in and feels like part of the team in his approach
Greg Fahey Headshot
Greg Fahey
CEO - Bison Group
Bison Group
Directed / Shot / Edited